#18: Puberty in a Cupboard

We’ve finally gotten to that point in the series where we have been unable to record a new episode, so we have thrown together an episode made of shit that was cut out of previous episodes.

In this episode, Cory tries to have sex with a fancy dove and Rhys accidentally reads some classic Russian literature. We also discuss radioactive wolves, Meatloaf needing a sit-down, the boring town of Exmouth and who to complain to if your heroin isn’t good.

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Radioactive Wolves of Chernobyl


The Man with Two Penises – AMA


How Technicolour Changed Movies

Hatoful Boyfriend


There wasn’t a lot of good visual content for this episode as most of it was ramblings that were cut from other episodes. So here is a cool remix of William Shatner being a pretentious fool.




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