#11: Hard Crime for Babies

In this episode, Rhys writes an Adult children’s book and Cory dives into the world of Cults. We also discuss Communism, Shit Zoos and just how lovely Cory’s Mum is. She is one top lass.

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The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is the largest species in the world and they look fucking evil. Just look at it. If you were eating a bag of chips on a bench and that walked up to you, you would not only hand over all your chips but also your wallet and phone.

Rhys thinks these pigeons look like the Mondoshawan from the fifth element. What do you think?

A brilliant video looking at Cuba and how the Taxi drivers are paid more than doctors. Highly recommend watching this.

If you would like to hire an escort and you want have a date with Cory, then please get in touch with Rhys. Don’t get in touch with Cory, just message Rhys, he will sort it all out. We charge £100 per date, no sex stuff. He has lots of muscles and a large and powerful head. Just look at how powerful he is.

This is a photo of Cory enjoying a beer he described as “really fucking weird”. He looks different with his shirt on, apologies.

Good old John Frum.


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