#10: He’s a Ghost

Ok I’ll be honest with you. We recorded so much stuff for episode 9 we decided to turn it into two episodes. That’s why some of the segments seem a little out of place. We talk about crabs in the pants, we talk about movies with ridiculous translated names and we peek behind the curtain and try to get an insight into the mind of Tommy Wiseau through his Reddit AMA.

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It may still be Summer but Big Loop Theatre are gearing up for their Christmas show, ‘Cheer’. Cory will star in this piece of theatre delight so make sure you get your tickets early.

Here is a video of a man, subtly putting Crabs down his pants in a restaurant.


In Japan, Army of Darkness (the third Evil Dead movie) is literally translated to Captain Supermarket. We think this is great because Ash Williams is our hero

Here is a link to Tommy Wiseau’s AMA. It’s worth a read. It’s fantastic. – Tommy Wiseau AMA

Here is an entire episode of The Chuckle Brothers’ ‘To Me, To You’ Gameshow. The prizes are brilliant. You could win Mary Poppins on VHS!


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