#9: We Need to Talk About Argos

In this episode, our heroes have a drink and play the classic PS2 game Smarties Meltdown. We also discuss Keith Chegwin naked in a Jungle, Dave Benson Philips’s Wrestling Career and the sound of ham.

Here is a full episode of Get Your Own Back where a kid takes his teacher on. Some girl wanted a professional clown but her dad did instead. Fuck off child, don’t be ungrateful. Clowns are expensive.

Here is Dave Benson Philips Wrestling for Riptide Wrestling. We fucking love this man.


This man is now a Major.

Keith Chegwin hosting a kids show with his cock out. Cory loves Cheggers.

Here is some game footage of Smarties Meltdown. This isn’t Rhys playing as he gave up very early on.


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