#5: An Army of Frogs

It’s Rhys’s 30th Birthday! In this episode, Cory performs a very sexy rendition of Happy Birthday to Rhys, Rhys has a one-sided conversation with a 90s Children’s TV host, Cory admits to cheating in his A-Level history exam, and Rhys admits to being involved in a meat-based heist. We also talk about animal collectives and we receive a lovely video from Mr Agadoo, Dene Michael.

This is a poster from Cory’s theatre group’s most recent production. You can’t buy tickets anymore because it’s been and gone but you can visit their website here – Big Loop Theatre

Here is a video of Neil Buchanan’s band playing a song written by Neil Buchanan.

This is the video Dene Michael (from Black lace) sent us (after we gave him a fiver)

This is an unedited clip from the film Birdemic – Shock and Terror.




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