#4: Fluffy Nightmares

In this episode, Cory has a few glasses of Wine and watches a terrifying Children’s show from the 80s and Rhys has a moan about spending a lot of money to stare at the side of a tent.

Visit Seancoxdesign and see more fantastic Artwork by the man who drew this logo.

This is the birth of Sleepy Cory Friday. Every Friday on our Twitter we will be posting a new photo of Cory asleep.

Sleeping with his favourite childhood toy

This was Rhys’s view of the stage when he saw Billy Joel at Old Trafford.  Billy is actually on stage when this photo was taken.

This is a photo from when Rhys and Cory met Tommy Wiseau.  Rhys is on the far right holding a signed pair of pants. Cory is standing behind the camera. He was too freaked out to get any closer.

This is Orm and Cheep. Cory made it halfway through. His drunken ramblings in this episode are possibly Rhys’s favourite thing out of all the podcasts we have recorded. How far can you get through this video? Do you share Cory’s frustrations?


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