#3: Mr Tumbley’s Tum’s Grumbly

This is the episode where we start to understand what the podcast is about. Regular features return such as Mongolian Facts and Cory’s audition but we also start playing games as well and introduce Cory’s Cupboard.  In this episode, Rhys tells Cory about three musicals, only one of which is real. Cory then has to guess which he thinks is the actual musical. We also discuss the game JFK Reloaded, a computer game where you are awarded points for accurately assassinating the former president of the USA. We find out what Cory would have eaten onboard the Titanic and if that would have affected his survival and we talk all about our favourite Superheroes.

SPOILERS: If you scroll down you will see spoilers for this episode, including the correct answer for the musical game we play.  You have been warned.

Here is a menu from the Titanic. What would you have eaten? Would you have survived? Take the test on BuzzFeed.

Here are some songs from Silence the musical. If you aren’t a fan of strong language then maybe you should give these a skip.

This is actual gameplay from an actual computer game called JFK Reloaded.

and here are some “hilarious” car incidents from the game put to some funny music.  These did not happen in real life, they are very unrealistic so I can only imagine the person playing this game scored quite badly.

Here is the full version of Neil Cicierega – Wndrwll. Do check out other songs by him as he is great.

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