#2: Squab

This is the episode where Cory relives the nightmare of Little Britain: The Video Game, quite possibly the worst video game ever made. It certainly left its mark on Cory as he still suffers from PTSD today. Rhys and Cory also undergo some moral dilemmas to see if they are good people as well as discussing the ethics behind feeding a turtle to a dog.

Here is a photo of Cory dressed as Supergirl. He looks very beautiful.


While looking for that photo Rhys also found a photo of Cory dressed as The Little Mermaid. It isn’t discussed in this episode but it proves Cory knows what he is talking about when it comes to performing in drag.


Don’t believe us when we say Little Britain is a terrible and offensive game? Well here is a gameplay video showcasing just some of the fucking dreadful levels. I do want to reiterate that Cory completed this game. He hasn’t been the same since.

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